Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day from International Space Station

Somehow this did not get posted. My bad, was in edit mode and forgot.
] Video Credits: NASA TV [ note: 309nmblonde is me. Like my highlights? ]

I did not want to toss "The Voice" out when I spliced the 720 main into my 480 off the cuff recording. So I kludged the intro in and shoehorned the closing words into a 720 window.

I wanted context with my video. It was a good save (fullscreen is icky on the upscaled closing).


Bruce Sallan said...

This is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. Wow, this stuff is real, isn't it!?

fairuse said...

Bruce, glad you liked it. Saint Patrick's Day is a big deal in my family. It was so gracious of her to share her family tradition with the entire planet.