Friday, November 7, 2014

[Youtube Playlist] Sci-Fi Short Films: Android-Bots-SocialPlatforms-TimeTravel-Aliens-War

[  This Playlist's Main Page Androids with emotions Good/Bad. Secret Police. Social data/apps merge with government data/services. Search for a new Earth. Aliens and us; some good, some not so much. Mercies got cool stuff. Misc. big production CGI. Cops vs people. ]

 (Ads show up and that is google-land) ]
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weather Video: Stormy Night

[ Taken with Nikon L-120 on tripod. Just pointed and recorded.

More Later/

[ DVD so I can play video for the cats.

video of thunderstorm DVD
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Friday, June 13, 2014

TIME OUT! Big Weekend With That World Cup Thing Called Football; Are You Still Beating Your Wife?

 If you got to this far, thanks and sorry 'bout the click bait title but it is something all need to ponder.

Football + alcohol + [favorite toxin] + nationalism = What? Right, YMMV. From happy guy all the way to zip tied to a steel post crazy.

Guys that fine looking female is not your personal workout bag. Not the live-in help. And most of all not your inferior. Your wife, mate, is your equal partner or more. I DON"T HAVE THE  WORDS that express the ruin that should befall every man that punches, twists, maims or kills his wife or girlfriend. It is either "bad code" so delete yourself or it is bad living -- sober up /get clean, get a shrink if need be.

I can't do anything -- you don't want to know why so don't  ask. Maybe a pretty video will get your attention.  And yes the video is directed at you advertising and marketing. I may not know much about what ad suits do in Real Life but I have spent plenty of time in Marketing Support tasks to know senior marketing people see women as tools or a means to an end -- dinner and pussy.

The World Situation : The way I see the world leaders coming to anyone's rescue is by  Addressing violence against women and achieving the Millenium Development Goals (pdf) and they are not going to make it.

[  Project Social Art Facebook Wall

This is the first video from the "Don't Just Look At Us" Campaign created by actress Anna Lakomy The premise behind this video campaign is to explicitly use female sexuality to market social issues vs. luxury products.

This video, entitled "Bride Getting Ready," combines an exuberant bridal theme with the brutality of domestic violence.

More information about Anna Lakomy can be found at

[Editor:  In closing, don't try to pin some convenient label on why you, the guy that sent his wife to the hospital looking like the wrong end of a bar fight couldn't help it, you should be put out of your misery like any other animal that is brain damaged.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Banshee: Opening Credits Photo Descriptions for Not Actors Ever Released?

[ After I scanned MAXGO, Welcome to Banshee, Season 1 DVD Extras and Cinemax / HBO sites I found no information on photos for not actors. There must be a why, who, and what links the person to a photo. Example: Created by credits (frame by frame).  ]

[ We, rather, I am intrigued. ]

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[Test Day] Embed Google+ Shared Post Containing Video

[ With all the speak-the-text technology a bot cannot read with emotion of a good narrator.  I can't say it any better than Lauren. ]

[ Embedded G+ post in all its simplicity. ]

[ Maybe, just maybe, "The Man" will leave this be. ]

Monday, March 17, 2014

Banshee: Carrie (Ivana Milicevic) Should be on - Top 10: Female Action Stars

[Top 10 Lists like this are pretty much the opinion of the maker. This list from 2 years ago by Watch Mojo is pretty good but dated. Naturally I have a different opinion of who belongs on the list and ranking; that will come later.  Number 10, Lucy Lawless - Xena Warrior Princess? Jeez are you 12yro.]

 [ The Current List by Watch Mojo
  1. Sigourney Weaver (IMDb)
  2. Uma Thurman (IMDb)
  3. Michelle Yeoh (Wikipedia)
  4. Angelina Jolie (IMDb)
  5. Linda Hamilton (IMDb)
  6. Milla Jovovich (Official)
  7. Kate Beckinsale (IMDb)
  8. Carrie-Anne Moss (IMDb)
  9. Michelle Rodriguez (Official)

The 10th of entry in this list is open, Lucy Lawless (Xena) moved to teen swoon area. Musical chairs I'm ADDING: Ivana Milicevic (IMDb) [Cinemax Banshee's Carrie Hopewell is not a soccer mom. Number 9 moves to 10. Number 3 moves 9. Numbers 4,5 move up one. Numbers 6,7 swap positions and move up one. Ivana Milicevic is inserted into Number 7.

New List the way I think it should be
  1. Sigourney Weaver (IMDb)
  2. Uma Thurman (IMDb)
  3. Angelina Jolie (IMDb)
  4. Linda Hamilton (IMDb)
  5. Kate Beckinsale (IMDb)
  6. Milla Jovovich (Official)
  7.  Ivana Milicevic (IMDb)  NEW
  8. Carrie-Anne Moss (IMDb)
  9. Michelle Yeoh (Wikipedia)
  10. Michelle Rodriguez (Official)
There it is -- #7 is hot stuff. ]

[ Carrie Hopewell 15 years ago - her man is in prison, she is knocked up, along comes Gordon and she sees a safe future for kids. ]

[Eleven years ago.]

[ Fast forward to today. Carrie has to put Rabbit down for endangering, well, everyone. ]

[ Good bye daddy.] ( Longer Unofficial Metalworks Video ) ]



[Carrie is not really a team player. Sometimes she makes exceptions.]

[ Just do what I do. ]

[Carrie is more than enough bad ass for a 7 slot. In season 1 -- 30 minute fight to the death when Rabbit's right hand man tried to stuff her in a car's trunk. Care to guess who died?]

[ Just in case there are doubts about Carrie's "Bad Ass Cred" here is clip where both female leads in the show take care of those foolish enough to cross them. Carrie, in prison, gets the n00b treatment from current "boss" and then .... ouch. At the same time Deputy Siobhan puts her abusive ex-husband away for good. Yippie kai yah ... Oops wrong quote. ]

[ Damn good action by the director. ]

[ (note: Some of the oddness of the playback is do to me dicking FR on purpose. I may replace clip with a normal one.)]

Banshee Origins

Cinemax Banshee

MAXGO What is it?

MAXGO Banshee

Watch Mojo

Where am I and why am I handcuffed?
I am
I am

Banshee Season 2 Post Mortem

[I'm gong to miss Rabbit.]

[ Recap the end of Rabbit's quest: Carrie is waiting for daddy to shutup and die.
~Bang~ ...Cut to actor saying forwell. And more...]

Saturday, March 15, 2014

[Brought 2 U By] I'm Listening to Soviet Radio (Apologies to Stan Ridgway)

[ The one thing you can bet the farm on is adverting and sports have a symbiotic relationship. EVERY square inch of viewable space is covered in logos and posters. The talking heads who help us follow the game or race or activity spew Brought 2 U By on nearly every camera redirect.

I don't mind this kind of sponsorship, it's useful, until it sounds like a never ending interruption to, in this case, Sebring 12 Hour race. The veteran sports car guys on FOX's coverage are good guys that I have listened to for years. Today they sound like someone gave them a radio format from space; I could say "Alien Muddy Channel". I am picking on the suits not the on air talent. Got that?

[ Sometimes Boredom wins: Today I give you Soviet FOX sports]

Well, the quick break took forever ]

[ Sebring 12 hr race links:



3. Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Cheatsheet

Reference links:




Saturday, March 8, 2014

Banshee -- Season 1 & 2 -- Origins (@Cinemax)

Update: March 9, 2014 16:16 EDT (20:16Z) -- add: 17 track Banshee Soundtrack info. add: @cinemax MaxGo and DVD info. add: cryptic personal opinion or 2.

AND LASTLY - Thanks to all who have put together the best series on TV.  I have understood the show from the first episode; think about what that means; sometimes, somewhere, Real Life is a bit like an episode of Banshee. You don't want to know so don't ask me the obvious question. May my "spook" father RIP.
I was going to write a bunch of words about how the Origins helped characters. A character does something that seems out of context in the weekly episode. Your brain recoiled and WTFk is spoken loudly. The Origin clip provides context (we are the sum of our trip down the road of life). Shit!
Bunch of words!
--- Just follow Carrie's locket necklace (15 years ago).

[ How about 17 tracks of show tunes? Yes, please but what is it?

Has soundCloud player so you can check it out [opens new window]. Hollywood Reporter - Banshee Official Soundtrack (details & stream)

As for my opinion you can read Amazon comment I wrote [opens new window]. My review of Amazon MP3 album - Banshee (Music From The Cinemax® Original Series) [Explicit]

[How did Banshee "do it"? It isn't your fathers style of action series is it? Lucky you!
From a year ago -- just listen.


[ How about DVD info? When I get to it ]

[end is never the inception]

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Message Goldieblox Sends is the Reciprocal of Pink

I thought I would move on and forget the feel of a grifter but here I am throwing keystrokes at Goldieblox because I cannot get past the arrogant marketing.
GoldieBlox is a toy company on a mission to inspire the next generation of female engineers.
I watched the videos, read the blog, read the critical acclaim, read opinions of women who had daughters play with the toys, and read all the unnecessary legal documents relating to alleged infringement. i.e.,  Goldieblox's preemptive request for a jury trial. All of that is common knowledge by now; that debate is tabled. The debate moves forward or dies in my mind.

Goldieblox has  shown its real colors, grifter pink. Pink has tainted girls products since the later part of the last century. Nothing wrong with pink if that's your thing. However, when a toy company declares its mission is to inspire girls to become engineers, pink princess is not the path. The toy is a hokey ruse by marketing people. Looking at Disrupting the pink aisle what do you see? Marketing, slick flimflam marketing. What about the number of engineers worldwide; male 89%, female 11% you ask? All I can say is, no data. Try this stat.
"Over 55 percent of males who majored in science acquired jobs in physics, mathematics, or engineering after graduation. In contrast, only 34 percent of female majors in these same areas obtained positions in related fields. Correlation of these results to other fields was not possible. For example, 68 percent of females who majored in humanities secured teaching positions after graduation; only 52 percent of similarly trained males secured similar positions. Further analysis is necessary to explain these different outcomes for men and women, including understanding “What are the influences of expected outcomes on the labor market. -Angelica Salvi Del Pero [1] ”

That is a solid figure. There is only hype at Goldieblox as I have noted above. Headline grabbing stunts do little to untangle the issues women deal with in education and workplace when selecting a career in STEM. Maybe I am being too harsh. Maybe I am just not getting it.

I suggest everyone read Blueprint for the Future [PDF] because there are meaningful solutions offered up with the cold hard facts.

1. Blueprint for the Future: Framing the Issues of Women in Science in a Global Context: Summary of a Workshop (2012) p.4,, The National Academies Press

2. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is a commonly used acronym in the United States.