Sunday, November 27, 2011

Steampunk Style Test [ my results are ? ]

[ Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Gadgeteer

36% Elegant, 55% Technological, 47% Historical, 40% Adventurous and 34% Playful!

You are the Gadgeteer, the embodiment of steampunk technology. Ironically, many of the things that most define your style are probably too large to easily carry about, but given the opportunity you would prefer to be seen surrounded by boiler engines, gear-driven calculators, and incredible automata. Of all the steampunk fashion styles, you place the greatest emphasis on technological accessories, and you are the most likely to create elaborate gadgets that are as much a part of your outfit as your clothes. You probably have goggles, but unlike most people you consider them to be for more than decoration. Whereas most people might look odd carrying a satchel of tools around, for you they may well be essential. Above all, you remind everyone that what sets the genre apart from Victoriana is simply the level of technology.


[ Your result for Test Who You Are in the Steampunk Ether City of Salmagundi...

Doctor Josephine Bell (the Mad Scientist)

22% Cerys, 37% Ras, 50% Bell, 38% Wilde, 25% LeClerc, 33% Kendrick and 23% Fuzzy!

You are Doctor Josephine Bell, Salmagundi’s foremost surgeon and expert of medicinal science. You are erudite, detached, and above all clinical. You are also descended from an aristocratic pedigree, and you show it. Anyone who fails to meet your high standards of intelligence and conduct is immediately beneath you. Your detractors call you “haughty” and “callous,” but they are jealous and afraid. In reality, you have merely come to the realization that only a fraction of the people you encounter will be worth your time, and that the rest are an unwanted distraction. People will come and go, pass and be forgotten, but Science is forever.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Updated May 22, 2012 -- Robot (2010) eng sub - Hindi film [Playlist]

Update: May 22, 2012 01:16 EDT.

It never fails; find a cool flick that "seems to be authorized" by one party and it gets taken down by someone else. It is hard to tell how much buzz a youtube post has been generating but at least there is worldwide buzz for the movie. I would venture to say the youtube posting was not authorized by Eros International.

The film Endhiran per October 23, 2010 Indiatimes was kicking ass in theaters, that is, making money like a printing press. I don't think Eros International was worried about online jacking revenue more than any other film. But the DVD release may have changed the playground rules in a way Eros may not have expected.

The DVD and VCD release in March 2011 was a good thing; giving folks a chance to buy the film is always a good thing. As far as I recall Endhiran was posted by a rental site before I noticed the film in November 2011. That folks is not nice, only Eros (the distributor) can approve the youtube posting of the film.

So, the posting was wrong. Did Eros lose any revenue due to "theft" of viewers? No, if anything the opposite happened; like where can I buy the DVD. Ok, that is my collector brain talking so what about the free is free? TANSTAAFL plain and simple.

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Parts 1 to 13 in the playlist.

IF you want to skip to the Ass Kicking Robot takes on the Army (everyone really) just select part 9 and play at 5:45 minutes. The car chase is only the beginning, eat your heart out Roger Corman.

IF you want the good fight scene skip to part 12.
[ iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""] [ /iframe ]

Shame the film is 360 instead of 720 [on youtube that is].
[ My concludsion is -- Bummer about youtube. I want the DVD with a code for Region 1 (One).]