Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Odd Flair-up of Safety at the Grocery Store

My first clue something changed was the disappearance of 8 pound sacks of cat food. Wait one minute I told the conspiracy ranting side brain. It is backordered. But, that popular size has never sold out and was always right there, middle shelf. I began to look around; feeling childish.

The results of looking low then high are; big heavy sack bottom shelf, as they should be. The small sacks where 10 feet up on the top shelf. Of course there was no staircase style ladder in sight, nor stock person. Right, the conspiracy ranting side brain muttered. The image of insurance underwriters designing dry goods displays was equal to gasoline on a fire. "Asinine", I said out loud. I fetched the bag by standing on a 30 pound bucket of litter and wedging the shopping cart to the bottom shelf, then used the cane to knock a very lightweight sack into the cart. "F* idiots" mumble slipped out as I headed to paper goods. Guess where my usual brand of paper towels sit.

Must ask wife if the guy who designs parking lots is learning a new trade.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Just some Maint/Admin

Added flickr stuff to bottom of page. Still have odd firefox3 layout funnies on iBook.