Saturday, July 18, 2009

Apollo 11 Week without Conspiracy Theory? NoWay!

I think starting a commentary with the facts would be proper. No! Start with the other stuff. The UFO gang, Faked Mission groups, Hide the film because money in 2009 will be a retirement boost essay kind of talk is a better starting point. So without fan fair Coast2CoastAM vs NASA. George Noory gets 1st move.

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Cat stop! Sit! People need to know something! Most of the popular fake photos talk and a movie set is where LEM really landed "proof'' is a variant of Nash Entertainment's sketchy show "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon". [1] Reader, you may skip this part and visit it after the 2009 video. History lesson first or jump in the water now?

[1.1] NASA gets news that they faked the moon landing. (has audio version read by author)

[1.2] A well researched and thoughtfully written analysis of the show.

[1.3] FOX gets heat for Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon. Producer of show calls it a Reality Special. We all know what that means.

[1.4] Since 2001 lunar orbit cameras have taken pictures proving we are moon litterbugs. That will not stop the folks who must get public exposure for their theories. They will just change the story as if the "never landed" never happened. This is the where the tapes of the mission are lost because there is something we should not see story begins. We now join the program already in progress ...

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The entire 10 segment video is there for your viewing.

NASA gets 2nd move and a bonus move. These are from NASA's

The play is stalled by an amazing death. Walter Cronkite I hope you saw the new slow scan restore work. Good night sir. The official NASA statement.
July 17, 2009
Bob Jacobs  Headquarters, Washington  202-358-1600
WASHINGTON --The following is a statement from NASA Administrator  Charles Bolden on the death of veteran journalist Walter Cronkite.   "It is with great sadness that the NASA family learned of Walter  Cronkite's passing. He led the transition from print and radio  reporting to the juggernaut that became television journalism. His  insight and integrity were unparalleled, and his compassion helped  America make it through some of the most tragic and trying times of  the 20th century.   "From the earliest days of the space program, Walter brought the  excitement, the drama and the achievements of space flight directly  into our homes. But it was the conquest of the moon in the late 1960s  that energized Walter most about exploration. He called it the most  important feat of all time and said that the success of Apollo 11  would be remembered 500 years from now as humanity's greatest  achievement.   "It was Walter Cronkite's impassioned reporting on America's inaugural  moon landing that inspired me to join in the dreams of many to travel  to space and accept the risks that this exploration brings while I  was a student in naval flight training.   "In honor of his ethical and enthusiastic coverage of our nations'  space program, NASA was proud to honor Walter in 2006 with an  Ambassador of Exploration Award and presented him with an Apollo  lunar sample.   "For decades, we had the privilege of learning about our world from  the original 'anchorman.' He was a true gentleman. Our thoughts and  prayers are with Walter's family and his millions of friends and  supporters."     -end-