Monday, November 23, 2009

What Would Einstein Say?

It never ends....

The wonderful world of photoshop and other art tools. Create anything, any time you want. Handy for print media. Moving along.

Need an eye catcher for your print ad in People's Sexiest Man Alive issue? Got one. Go home all of you, that includes you 110 of the Hottest Guys on the Planet. GM did not pick you.

Behind the cover (page 0) on page 0+1 is a buff Albert Einstein ready to kick ass. With that look and his brain you are tools, Mr Hottest Guys. The Bad; wife took Albert and the Victoria's Secret Holiday book with her. The Good; said I would pull document shredder duty and fetched magazine for a couple of photos. And! The Ugly; A great man's likeness has been parodied to sell GMC Station Wagon to my Ford Taurus X Station Wagon driving wife. Better luck next time GM - you are a day late and a dollar short. Make that many dollars short.

I will conclude with a thought experiment. What would Albert Einstein say about this. I think he would be laughing. Still, I cannot refrain from saying it is a little tacky. Credit wife for bringing Albert looking like a abs-climber-bowflex ad model on TeeVee (morning TV before 7:00 AM).

Photos: I took a picture of the magazine layout to illustrate my critique.

I do try not to giggle. (photo: HP ps 733 )

(Compare photo at right, a cropped G1 phone photo with above. Nothing like real camera controls. Even lame control is better than none. Or worse, software sims that muck up shot. Tried that here and software trashed 3 shots. I am still winning by 6 [1 out-of-focus, 1 wrong filter and 2 pilot error. Rest are bad comp.)

To repeat; It never ends.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Holy F* S*, Holy F* S*, OMG. The Shadow! They are back?

Not sure the reference to an excellent 1990's science fiction TV series (Babylon 5) works but that is what I thought. Shadow are hard to see. Maybe a more modern 'thing' like the Replicators from Stargate-SG1 would be better. Everybody dies, I mean buys!

Thanks for the find,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Film - LUX Prize 2009 (via European Communities, 2009 [EbS])

I found this a refreshing moment after the Hollywood (MPAA) and NewsCorp's control all media content. In the can - USofA film makers that means the rubbish bin. Hundreds of TV channels and 2 web portals and it is all junk save a few well written shows or films. Where are the 'media moguls' of the past who wanted to preserve an identity; dead of course. The current batch of producers/distribution brass here in the NaU (North american Union) have not bothered with anything except the profit margin (in a per minute price if they could).

Harsh? Yes, but I do get to spend 80 to 90 percent of my time with 4 cableTV sets and 2 Satellite Radios on 24 hours a day. I may be a bit saturated on Hollywood's Rx for the masses.

What do you think of this video? Make a comment. [Note: Not on my words, they kill english comp teachers & I will rot in hell for ranting. IamNotaWrtr]

LIVE LUX Prize 2009
EP roundtable with:
First Part
- Fatih AKIN, Director of "Auf der anderen Seite"("On the edge of heaven")
- Hanna SCHYGULLA, the film's leading actress
- Leonard ORBAN, EU Commissioner for Multilingualism
- Christian LÜFFE (Goethe Institut)
Second Part
- Kamen KALEV, Director of "Eastern Plays" (contending for Lux Prize 2009)
- Philip Boëffard, Producer of "Welcome" (contending for Lux Prize 2009)
- Doris Pack, Chairwoman of the EP Committee on Culture and Education