Friday, April 9, 2010

DVR-118L Hub Lock Broke or Disk had Defect in Plastic?

Update: No warranty issue because drive, at this time, is reading fine; burning some data disks overnight. Working with Verbatim who contacted me on twitter and so far it is positive, results TBA.

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Felt the Journal has been ignored for flashier projects and it is publicly readable without the signup hassle or (wrongly) feel DVD rippers are illegal. More than ever a backup of your expensive movie disk should be done.

Machines break, disks become less than 100% unbreakable in normal use. How many $15, $20 or $30 charges to your wallet does the movie industry deserve? One buy with free replacement (100% free no S/H charge) if it breaks or scratch unreadable. Fat chance of that happening. You have to buy a new movie at current price, if it has not gone out-of-print. So, backup the disk.

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I had A Murphy's Law night. Record Realplayer window that displayed STS-131 Spacewalk. Final amount of video is just under 50GB, still have to process it into .MOV then edit. Of course a DVD writer is handy to backup source files. Unless a disk commits suicide.

Truthfully I can't be sure who is at fault; hub lock break, disk defect in the hub area plastic. Never happened before - ever.

Photos via twitpic:
[url=]Write Side[/url] level of nasty --> hardware p0rn

[url=]Label Side[/url] level of nasty --> clean

[url=]CloseUp[/url] level of nasty --> hardware p0rn

Working with macsales on twitter. Nice customer support from them. Better than trading e-mail and fast. Naturally once all the ground work is done out comes the phone or e-mail or web page to request RA number. It is nice to just send tweet " it is broke..." and get a real person back to you. Comcast, Zappo's, and others do it and Comcast is getting Support love from CS in twitter (all the other types of CS benefit be it phone or other)

DVR-118L in Mercury Pro enclosure (Oxford chip), 2 Firewire and 1 USB.
So, which is it - drive or disk? Yes, a pop quiz, think about it.

Will post results of warranty decision.

-f :cry:

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