Wednesday, September 25, 2013

POI: Root vs Us

One thing about the Root AKA Ms. Groves character that is remarkable; she is a true believer. The Machine is god period. Now she has a problem with her god and the machine is trying to work with Root [Robin in the psycho ward].

The question: Will the machine lose control of Root?



Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Humor Section] Anti-Spaceship Railgun test goes south when the moon accidentally targeted.

Good 'ol Yankee know how developed the next generation Anti-Spaceship Railgun for use on alien spacecraft. The test target was a defunct satellite. Ground based targeting system was a go for firing.

At the last second the weapon changed targets -- The Moon! No explanation has been offered for this grave failure, however, some say an alien craft was spotted on radar.

Photo: The InvisibleCat / @fairuse.

The blast is several kilotons and no word as of yet to the extent of the damage to the moon. Details soon.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

fireworks01a AKA clip of, "oops with fireworks"

Title: Why you stand a safe distance when fireworks blast off.

After the S__t happens remark there is a single step segment showing all the sparks. The candle fizzled and dropped down where the kids lit it. Oops.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

POI: Will Root Survive Ms Shaw in Season 3?

File: POI-WrDrCm-3rdSeasonHint

This clip of Jonathan Nolan commentary track on season 2 episode 22 "God Mode" should put to rest any rumor that the character Root aka Ms May aka Ms Groves (Amy Acker - will be killed off. Ms Shaw (Sarah Shahi - will be seeing Root/Caroline Turing/Ms May/Ms Groves again.

No word on our favorite cops and mobster or Leon. Leon will get in trouble again like a bad penny.

That is all from The Invisible Cat -- He is back in his cage.