Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday Fights! DRM vs History! And the winner is? None.

This is not a rant on the chilling effect of DRM & its muscle boy DMCA. I am just too tired to shout at a rock I did not see as I walked through the forest of video upload limitations. So there it is, 1 long day of slow H.264 compressing, recompenses, upload click-thru legal stiff and wait for the gate to open on the video site. RIGHT!

Finally here is the Test Video that is far from good. Hay, got too find the rocks before cracking a toe on one.

STS-119 JAXA News Conf with Mission Specialist Koichi Wakata (will be in native language) - JSC (Public and Media Channels) video courtesy: NASA-TV (

More later after the R&R plus ball game. Yes, cable --- maybe I should record it and sleep. Nope, no digital recording allowed, and very little analog signal-out is on new equipment (analog hole closed says MPA/RIAA). But that is another fight.

-dutch AKA fairuse
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