Monday, December 8, 2014

ESA Wardrobe Fail: Comet Landing causes #ShirtStorm

[ Today is the first time I heard about the backlash over shirt. I'm not going to search ESA for official words because it's obvious a suit (director, producer) didn't catch the wardrobe fail. I was stuck doing a satellite briefing back when. My standard uniform was beat up t-shirt & hat. Oops, CONUS wide TV is Suit, tie and no headgear. I looked pretty official (never again on the wrong side of camera.) ]


Cristina Rad Published on Nov 27, 2014
A space probe built and launched by The European Space Agency was successfully landed on a Comet looping around the Sun between the orbits of Jupiter and Earth. At the same time, back on Earth, a shirt became just as famous. Here's my take on Dr Matt Taylor's shirt choice during the televised interviews, and the so called #shirtstorm or #shirtgate that followed.

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