Saturday, March 8, 2014

Banshee -- Season 1 & 2 -- Origins (@Cinemax)

Update: March 9, 2014 16:16 EDT (20:16Z) -- add: 17 track Banshee Soundtrack info. add: @cinemax MaxGo and DVD info. add: cryptic personal opinion or 2.

AND LASTLY - Thanks to all who have put together the best series on TV.  I have understood the show from the first episode; think about what that means; sometimes, somewhere, Real Life is a bit like an episode of Banshee. You don't want to know so don't ask me the obvious question. May my "spook" father RIP.
I was going to write a bunch of words about how the Origins helped characters. A character does something that seems out of context in the weekly episode. Your brain recoiled and WTFk is spoken loudly. The Origin clip provides context (we are the sum of our trip down the road of life). Shit!
Bunch of words!
--- Just follow Carrie's locket necklace (15 years ago).

[ How about 17 tracks of show tunes? Yes, please but what is it?

Has soundCloud player so you can check it out [opens new window]. Hollywood Reporter - Banshee Official Soundtrack (details & stream)

As for my opinion you can read Amazon comment I wrote [opens new window]. My review of Amazon MP3 album - Banshee (Music From The Cinemax® Original Series) [Explicit]

[How did Banshee "do it"? It isn't your fathers style of action series is it? Lucky you!
From a year ago -- just listen.


[ How about DVD info? When I get to it ]

[end is never the inception]

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