Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Copyright Studies Gone Wild

[ Nothing like flashy white papers to get a politician's heart rate up. You know Capital Hill runs on paper loaded with stats, all kinds of numbers,  even numbers that are plucked out of the ether. I worked in "DC" for way too many years to dismiss studies made to push legislation through. Now I find examples of pure comedy.

Copyright lobby produces some really pretty studies.  Here is a screen grab of two studies relating to Copyright. One is by the lobby for tightening protections and the other study is by the lobby that does not want new restrictions. Guess who.

1. Copyright Lobbyists And The $1 Trillion Fallacy - [PDF] Copyright Industries in the U.S. Economy: The 2013 Report

2. Bunk about "Fair Use Industries" from the CCIA: What do Derek Jeter, Tom Adams and Ari Emanuel -  [PDF] Fair Use in the U.S. Economy: Economic Contribution of Industries Relying on Fair Use (CCIA 2010)

[ Screen grab of the Executive Summary page of each study (right click open in new window if you want to zoom in. ~roll eyes~ Got to get out of Blogger someday. ]


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