Wednesday, June 1, 2011

After School Video Special - Dessa of Doomtree: Music and Interviews [YT]

This piece is a YouTube playlist. The content belongs to the respective copyright holders and has been hunted down and assembled by The Cat's servant, 309nmBlonde. If by chance a video is the work of some immoral music jacking scumbag, I will narc on them to YT and remove it from the playlist. @fairuse (aka The Cat aka 309nmBlonde)

About this playlist

16 videos
Total length: 1 hour, 2 minutes
Description: Just my play with the following:
01 Introspection: Film - Iron Sky Teaser 3 - We Come In Peace [energia productions]
02 Dessa, Dixon's Girl - Doomtree
03 Dessa, Alibi - Doomtree
04 Dessa, Kites - KEXP radio
05 Dessa, Behind the Smile - Doomtree
06 Dessa, "Poor Atlas" - Doomtree
07 Dessa, Seamstress - KEXP radio
08 Dessa, Go Home - KEXP radio
09 Interview: An interview with Dessa, Seattle Show Gal
10 PSA-(k) People Should Already - (know): Miss Representation Trailer (2011 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection)
11 Dessa, The Chaconne - (89.3 The Current)
12 Album Track Interview: Dessa Darling of DoomTree Speaks Out...Album Badly Broken Code (Chacone & Children's Work) - Mr Davey D
13 Dessa, Into The Spin - Doomtree
14 Dessa, The Crow - Doomtree (via nerdsgethunk)
15 Dessa, Minshaft 2 - Doomtree (via infamoosic)
16 Epilogue: Film - Iron Sky teaser (720P HD) - Space nazis attack! [energia productions]

+--[ Are Gonna Rescue You From Your Life ]-- Said by Dessa during Davey D TV interview.

-- Yes? Oh, the Nazi stuff. Put there so you could ask that question. --]

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