Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playing with Untitled Bengal Kitten at Breeder

Note: Information will be added. IF you are reading this then you are getting "I want video NOW" draft version.





caff said...

YAY Kittens! They are adorable...and look to have just enough mischief in them ;)

fairuse said...

He is a momma's boy. Noisy 'cause he wants momma cat. I think she is a little put off that the poor little thing needs some time to adjust. CATS! The Mogli cat was velcro from day 0 but is just luck.

He will be up her butt in no time. Then she will say the cat needs to get a life. LOL. PEOPLE!

*whispering* I think the brown one likes her but he won't be here for a couple of weeks.