Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Journey into Xfinity Android Land: G2's Log

When I found out Xfinity App for Android was in the Market all I could think of was watching TV shows on the phone when I wished. OK, I admit that was a bit of wishful thinking on my part. I know the whole desktop Xfinity (AKA Fancast.com) would not fit into the structure of my G2.

What was delivered is the myDVR Manager, TV Listings, On Demand trailers and of course SmartZone Email (Digital Voice too, but I don't use it). All in all a nice start to pulling the desktop into the phone environment.

While writing this I am scrolling thru HD channels looking for the basketball game I am missing; may just tell the Number 1 DVR to record it. Maybe not because I am still fussing with search. A search using the words college basketball returns much including football and "The Office". I'll have more on that another day. [Note: It would be nice if TV guide remembered where I was when a miss tap the screen and I am sent Home. A nice thing when such things are done to the User Interface.]

Today I address Settings problems. The T-Mobile G2 has a force quit result when tapping Notification Sound:

December 14, 2010 19:00 EST [00:00 UTC]
Xfinity App for Android v2.0
Bug Tracking (user): 001
Bug Tracking (app devl): n/a

Device: T-Mobile G2 (system version 2.2)

[--- Settings Error ---]
1. Start App
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap Notifications & Sounds
4. Tap Notification Sounds

Result is always a Force Close Message
And for your viewing pleasure a 1st try at shooting the G2's screen.
I would like to thank Blogger/Google for stripping the text track out (next time I will record the vid+text into a single video layer). And that is all I have for today.

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