Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dept. of TwoCents: Rubicon - Did AMC go to the BCC School of Quality Entertainment?

Usually the BBC or BCCAmerica has short series that are a step above the offerings by ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and cable networks. The exception in the cable network crowd is AMC and to some extent TNT. Lately AMC has jumped way above its rivals with the series Rubicon. There have been other short series on the network but Rubicon has the mood and some of the look of The Eleventh Hour. It just looks BBC; maybe the BBC school of Quality Entertainment?

Here is what AMC has to say:
"Rubicon is an incredible story about trust and power born out of the desire to find a way to capture the intensity and mystery of the best conspiracy thrillers in a series. It is a show that appeals to everyone who has some skepticism about the relationship between big business and our government, which we think is pretty much everybody,” said Joel Stillerman, SVP of original programming, production and digital content for AMC.


In the 'Sea of TV Programming' a few big fish survive because they do have an audience, one starving to death on low calorie script writing & performance. Call me stuffy or cranky but 99% of TV shows people talk about I can't watch or never watch, i.e., primetime cartoons, anything with a laugh track and of course "Reality TV" (There is no reality on TV except Science/History/Education. Double 'no reality' for local & 24hr news) .

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