Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sharp HDTV with Blu-ray Drive Homemade DVD Test

With some reserve I made a DVD to test the Blu-ray playback. The manual has a convoluted list of yes, no, maybe, DRM fickle don't even try that disk with stupid footnote references to other pages of user manual. Shoot me now! I may take the TV apart to see the little demon they put in the TV. No regular person will understand that stupid book, i.e., my wife and every grandmother I know.

(Maxwell, my black cat will eat the plastic demon if I get it out).

A photo of test disk.


What! The dam thing works! More info and credits click photo.

Sigh, 10 hours of computer time to make a disk that is butt ugly because I did not have source video [uncompressed]. Wait, this is a playback test not a video quality test. Microwave time in 2 days for this critter. Done.

[begin oops edit]
-- For more on RedLetterMedia's video that is on the test disk and my reason for skipping the movie Avatar. Star Wars & Avatar -- a trap for writer and director via computer shortcuts
[end oops edit]

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fairuse said...

Killed 3 birds with this stone. What? OK, bird #1 is above, bird #2 why did I think SWTPM suck without watching all of it now has a review to prove what I knew instantly, bird #3: shows me that I don't need more pricey software updates to do stuff -- just pricey squared new computer to save time; encode, transcode, render and hold big files in RAM cutting down on page faults.