Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Film - LUX Prize 2009 (via European Communities, 2009 [EbS])

I found this a refreshing moment after the Hollywood (MPAA) and NewsCorp's control all media content. In the can - USofA film makers that means the rubbish bin. Hundreds of TV channels and 2 web portals and it is all junk save a few well written shows or films. Where are the 'media moguls' of the past who wanted to preserve an identity; dead of course. The current batch of producers/distribution brass here in the NaU (North american Union) have not bothered with anything except the profit margin (in a per minute price if they could).

Harsh? Yes, but I do get to spend 80 to 90 percent of my time with 4 cableTV sets and 2 Satellite Radios on 24 hours a day. I may be a bit saturated on Hollywood's Rx for the masses.

What do you think of this video? Make a comment. [Note: Not on my words, they kill english comp teachers & I will rot in hell for ranting. IamNotaWrtr]

LIVE LUX Prize 2009
EP roundtable with:
First Part
- Fatih AKIN, Director of "Auf der anderen Seite"("On the edge of heaven")
- Hanna SCHYGULLA, the film's leading actress
- Leonard ORBAN, EU Commissioner for Multilingualism
- Christian LÜFFE (Goethe Institut)
Second Part
- Kamen KALEV, Director of "Eastern Plays" (contending for Lux Prize 2009)
- Philip Boëffard, Producer of "Welcome" (contending for Lux Prize 2009)
- Doris Pack, Chairwoman of the EP Committee on Culture and Education

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