Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time to stop messing with this, I see dead pixels.

i knew better, the outcome could be predicted. After fussing with this all afternoon it is getting committed before I get the same treatment. This is how the journal will look.

My Blondness is front and center (in the sidebar that is) and it will show whatever I send to U-tube. Posts will have video if there is a reason, otherwise it is a waste of bandwidth to have it loaded twice. Maybe later Yahoo and Google video players will be added. The use of all 3 of them covers the max size, max play time and quality. As much as I prefer Sorenson 3 I am using H.264 MP4 for blog posts, video.goggle uploads and YouTube. My G1 will also like that; M4V files from iTunes gives it a headache.

Feel free to change the radio station from Chillout to what you like. Photos to be added as soon as I look over the stack of prints and photo disks.

As it is said, "Cut! That's a rap!".

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